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How much does it cost?


  • Fully Managed PPC
  • Includes $250/mo PPC Budget
  • 14-35 leads per month
  • No Contracts
  • Phone & Email Support
  • $349 $249 one time setup fee
  • Buyer & Seller Leads


Most Popular
  • Fully Managed PPC
  • Includes $500/mo PPC Budget
  • 30-71 leads per month
  • No Contracts
  • Phone & Email Support
  • $349 $249 one time setup fee
  • Buyer & Seller Leads

Big Teams

  • Fully Managed PPC
  • Includes $1000+/mo PPC Budget
  • 55-150+ leads per month
  • No Contracts
  • Phone & Email Support
  • $349 $249 one time setup fee
  • Buyer & Seller Leads

Some of your Questions:

We understand that you have a lot of questions, and here are some frequently asked questions & answers. If you can't find your question here please feel free to call us 1-877-636-4090.

Q. Are the prices in US or Canadian Dollars?

All prices are in US dollars.

Q. Are the # of leads guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee that we'll deliver the minimum # of leads as promised. Some markets are more competitive, and in those scenarios, we will notify you before you sign up if the # of leads may be somewhat lower than what we guarantee.

Q. How much money can I make from these leads?

While this is a hard question to answer, I will try my best to answer it. Most of this will completely depend on you, the agent, & your ability to follow up & convert leads to appointments. Most agents convert internet leads at 1.5% to 2.5% within the first year of getting on the program.

This means that the Starter package can get you 3-8 deals per year, the Seasoned package can get you 7-17 deals & the Big Team package can get you 13 to 36 deals per year.

Q. I don't know if Internet leads are for me

We also feel that Internet leads are not for every agent. It's hard to tell if Internet leads are for you or not until you try them at a reasonable price. Paying $30 to $50/lead is too much, and if you tried Internet leads at those high prices, you may have not given them your best try. When you pay that much for a lead, your expectations are too high thus, you are not giving it your best try.

Q. How long does it normally take to get your first deal?

Most Internet leads take 6 to 8 months to convert into an actual transaction. This is because these people looking for homes online are at the very beginning stage of their buying process.

Q. Can I get both Buyer & Seller leads with these packages?

Yes, you have the option of selecting a buyer, seller, or both leads at the same time.

Q. Where will my PPC budget be spent?

We use Google, Bing & Facebook as our primary source of traffic.

Q. How will I be notified of new leads that come in?

You will receive an SMS message to your cell phone along with an email with all the lead information.

Q. Which information will I receive from the leads?

Buyer leads you will receive: Name, Email Address, Phone Number, City/Area they are looking to buy in, Price Range they desire, type of property & Number of beds & baths.
Seller leads you will receive: Name, Email, Phone Number & their house address.

Q. I have my own CRM, can you feed it leads?

Yes, we are able to feed the incoming leads to every CRM system that has the ability to accept them.

Q. Do I need to have any technical skills?

You do not need to have any technical skills whatsoever, we will setup & create everything for you. All you need to do is work the leads.

Q. How targeted can I get with my campaign, can I target small communities or Zip Codes?

We currently only offer targeting by cities. This means if you wish to target a community within Dallas TX, we would not be able to do that, we would have to target the entire city.

Q. How often can I change the city I target?

Changing the city that you target for your PPC can only be done once every 4 months. This means if you start targeting Dallas TX and wish to change the city you target to Houston TX within 2 months of your campaign, you would have to wait another 2 months or pay a one-time $99 setup fee.

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